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Move, rotate, or scale points, faces, and edges

  1. Select points 2, faces 3, or edges 4.

  2. Click Move, Rotate, or Scale in the toolbox down the left side of the viewer.

  3. Use the handle in the viewer to move, rotate, or scale the selected components.

    When moving points, you can use the Soft radius control in the operation toolbar to add a soft fall-off to each movement.

    When Soft radius is greater than 0, moving the selected point(s) also moves surrounding points by a smaller amount based on distance.

Edit points by painting

Use the Sculpt tool on the Model shelf to push, pull, or smooth points. See how to use brush tools for basic information on the brushing interface.

You can also use the Paint surface node to paint color or other attributes onto a surface.

Edit normals

Houdini has four types of normals: plane normals, point normals, vertex normals, and surface normals. They indicate the orientation (direction) of a point, plane, vertex, or surface curve.

If a curve is planar and does not share its points with other primitives, its default point, vertex, and primitive normals are identical: perpendicular to the plane of the curve.

Use the icons in the display toolbar (on the right side of the viewer) to show or hide point normals and/or face normals.

Use the Comb tool on the Character tab of the shelf to reorient normals by painting.

Use a Point node to set the normal vector of points manually.






  • Destruction

    How to break different types of materials.


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