Houdini 20.0 Geometry

Import geometry from other objects

Use the Object Merge surface node to grab geometry from other objects' geometry networks. This is useful for various purposes:

  1. Go to the Geometry level of the object into which the geometry will be merged.

  2. Use the tab menu to create an Object Merge node.

  3. In the Object Merge node’s parameters, Use the merge list to choose the geometry to merge in.

    You can also manually type the path to an object or SOP node, use wildcards to merge in multiple objects, use a bundle reference to merge in all objects in a bundle, use a dynamics path to merge in geometry from a dynamics simulation, and more. See the help for the Object Merge node for more information on the Object n parameter.

  4. The node’s Transform object parameter is very important. It affects the transformation of the geometry as it is imported.


Never animate an object containing Object Merges. Parent the object to a Null and animate the Null.


The “show one/all” setting affects the orientation of the imported geometry in the viewer.

  • When show all (show the entire scene) is on, the viewer shows geometry relative to the world origin.

  • When show one (show only the current object) is on, the viewer shows geometry relative to the current object’s origin.

Because geometry imported by Object Merge is positioned by its source object, not the current object, switching between show one and show all might make imported geometry appear to move in the viewer.






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    How to break different types of materials.


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