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Triseum started humbly in 2014 as the first spin off from Texas A&M Visualization department's LIVE lab. The quality of Triseum's products and processes is a reflection of the diversity and excellence of our employees.

Triseum aims to create educational video games with the graphic and experiential caliber of today's most successful game franchises. Our games are meticulously crafted, fully tested and evaluated to provide the ultimate fun, engaging educational experience. Dedicated to creating products that disrupt the traditional learning experience, Triseum develops video games with the understanding that all games teach. As subject matter experts, educational technologists and top game developers, we are exploiting the power of this medium to create unmatched learning opportunities.

We engage and teach through games, not with games, supporting bold curiosity and lifelong learning

Triseum is seeking a Senior Environment Artist to join to join our game production team. As a member of our 3D team, they will develop art assets based on the vision of the Studio Art Director that support gameplay and game design. As a senior-level artist, you’ll help develop best practices, mentor less-experience artists and raise the bar for art throughout our products.

Key Responsibilities
• Support the overall vision for the game while taking ownership on aspects of the game (e.g. terrain, set-dressing, specific zones or levels, etc.) and assigned assets
• Build, maintain, and prepare files according to project vision, GDD and specs for production
• Identify environment layout risks and issues on a project and be able to determine and execute creative solutions.
• Synthesize and create scenes and assets based on supplied concept art
• Conceptualize, design, and create game assets without concept art, when needed
• Work closely with Programmers to ensure polygon counts and texture sizes are fully optimized for target platforms while minimizing any impact on artistic integrity of assets.
• Environment art bug fixing
• Work closely with concept art, design and dev to implement changes on a tight, deadline driven schedule.
• Assist in R&D efforts for tools enhancements and prototyping of new technology related to 3D art.
• Work in partnership with the Production and team leads to organize and catalog digital assets.
• Maintain all history of revisions through proper use of version control
• Write/maintain process documentation aligned with document templates, as necessary
• Assist in the education and development of other 3D environment artists.
• Attend daily stand-ups, sprint planning and reviews, and art meetings (when needed).

Key Requirements
• Understanding of color theory, value structure, and lighting fundamentals with an application to 3D art for games.
• Outstanding proficiency and experience building and texturing environments
• Understanding of geology, terrain and flora with an ability to render environments that match the project’s vision.
• Understanding of a variety of architectural styles with an application to architectural design that matches the project’s vision.
• Strong use of research and reference material that supports idea generation and problem solving.
• High capacity to learn new tools and techniques to help increase quality and efficiency of 3D art team.
• Ability to work within specific styles, including a style set by another artist or art director.
• Strong working knowledge of Houdini (our primary 3D tool), Substance, Photoshop, Unity
• Art or related degree, or equivalent work experience
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