Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 16.5.598 Fixed an issue that could potentially cause knee popping if foot locking was enabled and the leg was nearly straight in the agent's initial pose. 昨日
Houdini 16.5.595 Fixed an unresolved symbol in the HDK's GEO_PrimVDB::GridAccessor. 金. 9月 14, 2018
Houdini 16.5.595 Fixed printouts about script files not found, when placing RIS shaders. 金. 9月 14, 2018
Houdini 16.5.594 Fixed a potential crash in style sheets. 木. 9月 13, 2018
Houdini 16.5.594 Fixed a bug in gply, introduced in 16.5.413, where binary files using CRLF endings were not properly parsed. 木. 9月 13, 2018
Houdini 16.5.593 Fixed bug that would cause the Soft Transform and Soft Peak SOPs to treat an empty group as affecting everything when the Edge or Surface distance metrics were used. 水. 9月 12, 2018
Houdini 16.5.593 The particle scale multiplier for the avoidance and obstacle forces can now be overridden per-agent with a 'pscalemultiplier' point attribute. 水. 9月 12, 2018
Houdini 16.5.592 Unity plugin: Fixed asset inputs not being recreated on Rebuild Asset. 火. 9月 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.592 Unity plugin: Fix case where geo node is switching from mesh to instancer. Bug had the mesh output sticking around. 火. 9月 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.592 Unity plugin: Added support for setting instance prefix name via attribute with name 'instance_prefix'. Updated docs. Force shelf textures to be reloaded when scene changes causing them to be invalidated. 火. 9月 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.592 Pyro Solvers named other than pyrosolver1 will properly use the cooling ramp in OpenCL mode. 火. 9月 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.592 Fix leak of viewport geometry when jumping up multiple levels, mostly commonly triggered by a jump target network in an HDA. 火. 9月 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.592 Unity plugin: Fix for Assets string getting replaced improperly in asset path when it shows up as subfolder to Assets/. 火. 9月 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.591 A bug has been fixed in the smoke solver that affected simulations with animated timescales, cooling, and temperature diffusion rates. The solver works correctly in those regards now, meaning old simulations to which this change is relevant will produce different results. 月. 9月 10, 2018
Houdini 16.5.591 Fixed a potential crash in crowd simulations that used the Agent Clip Layer DOP but had a state transition involving two states that did not have any layered clips. 月. 9月 10, 2018
Houdini 16.5.591 Unity plugin: Updated terrain docs section with recent changes. 月. 9月 10, 2018
Houdini 16.5.591 Unity plugin: Fix for importing heightfields causing session corruption when there are multiple heightfield layers. 月. 9月 10, 2018
Houdini 16.5.590 Unity plugin: New plugin version is now the official Unity plugin. Renamed new plugin package filename to: HoudiniEngineUnity.unitypackage Removed the old deprecated plugin package from build.

Fixed major bug with saved assets in scene when the scene is reloaded in a new session and the asset has to be cooked again. Bug was causing state information to be lost due to not accounting for object names to change between sessions for SOP assets.

Fixed Rebuild Asset not reapplying asset preset (parameter vaulues, input, etc).

Major rework of how Houdini heightfields are converted to Unity terrains. Fixed issues with heightfield sizes causing padding issues. Now anything power of 2 plus 1 and grid spacing of 2 should work fine. Fixed heightfield tile splits so they are imported and aligned properly. Fixed output terrain being positioned wrong on some imports, and on baked outputs. Added support for layers other than just height. These other layers are applied as Terrain alphamaps. These are now exposed to a new Terrain section on the asset UI, allowing user to set textures and other material settings. Also exposed is a strength parameter allowing to apply a multiplier on the layer's values before submitting as alphamap. A default Terrain splat texture is used for layer textures and the default can be changed in the Plugin settings. Fixed duplication null error with heightfield assets. Fixed multiple heightfield objects within same subnet not working properly.

Input nodes now always have Keep World Transform enabled by default, which is the correct behaviour and consistent with other Engine plugins. Fixed input nodes losing their objects in saved scenes due to not finding inactive or project-specific objects.

Reset Parameters will now properly reset input nodes.

日. 9月 9, 2018
Houdini 16.5.588 Fixed cases where templated and current SOPs could stop updating in the viewport when they didn't have the display flag set. 金. 9月 7, 2018
Houdini 16.5.586 Bounding boxes for instanced volumes now appear in the correct (instanced) location in the viewport. 水. 9月 5, 2018
Houdini 16.5.585 Fix viewport updates of animated alembics when they are within another packed primitive. 火. 9月 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.585 Added support of Unreal 4.20.2. 火. 9月 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.585 Fix bad motion path handle rendering on objects without animation. 火. 9月 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.585 The hairgen SOP can now pick up primitive integer attributes from guides. Uses the value from the first encountered primitive. 火. 9月 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.585 Added "Only Clump within Existing Clumps" parameter to the Hair Clump SOPs. This means that if a clumpid already exist on the input curves, new clumps will not cross their boundaries, instead only finding clump curves with the same clumpid.

The option has no effect when clumpid doesn't exist on both the input & clump curves.

This is on by default, but will be disabled for Hair Clump SOPs in existing scenes, in order to preserve the previous behavior.

火. 9月 4, 2018