Java to houdini vex,Generative Design

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I watch houdini workshop about vex wrangle

Then i buy the book Generative Design

I like the noisy movie very much!

But when i want to work that in houdini

There are too many stuff is different

Something I can find like TWO_PI

but something I can't

like noise function noise ( noiseX,noiseY)

void setup

void draw


Did there some website have java to vex translate

thank you!
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Is it possible to share a link and add some pictures :-?
Is it this one? []

Did there some website have java to vex translate
I don't think so. And if I'm right, you're looking for a “vex” to “processing” translation.

Noise_and_TWO_PI.hip (89.2 KB)

English is not my native language, sorry in advance for any misunderstanding :-)
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What you could do is, after having implemented what you want in processing, just add a function, that exports every “frame” to an *.obj or *.ply file and then use a file node to read in the geometry. This is only valid if and only if you are not doing some interactive stuff processing is famous/used for.

Modules for that should be available from processing's own plug-in menu, under the 3D section. Don't have it at hand right now, to be more specific.

But there is some effort involved.

BTW: VEX is more of a Domain Specific Language, where processing is more a framework based on JAVA.

If you can't script/program it, it's no good at all !
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