Volunteer Houdini Animator Wanted for Indie Project

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Seeking volunteer Houdini creature/character animator for this indie project:

http://maelstrom2.distant-galaxy.com/ [maelstrom2.distant-galaxy.com]

To finesse animation on the space suit jumping from the top of the freight capsule. Here is work in progress blocking of the animation:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-QbEiiD6Dn-SmRGRS1nUzFXd0U [drive.google.com]

Tasks include rigging hands so that fingers and thumbs can be animated. Hands to be animated to grab and release the hand rails on the freight capsule.

Houdini animator will receive screen credit.

Interested parties please write to: jeroen-lapre@distant-galaxy.com
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