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Solid Motion Blurred Matte Pass for Transparent Object 2020年5月18日18:37

Great! I'll give that a try.
Much thanks for such a quick reply.

Solid Motion Blurred Matte Pass for Transparent Object 2020年5月18日17:12

I have an object that uses a transparent material, which also gives a non-solid value in the alpha channel.
Is there a way to output a solid matte, which motion blurs correctly?
My current method is overkill. I duplicate the principled material HDA, and then add a custom float parameter called MyMatte, and render this as an extra image plane. It works, but I was hoping there would be a simpler way at the Material Network Level.
I tried using the collect node, but the surface output from the principle shader override the surface output from a simple build material containing my custom MyMatte parameter.
What am I missing?

How to Enable Python 3 in Houdini 18? 2020年1月6日16:16

Ok, I'll try again with the newer 18.0.340 Python 3 Tech Preview build.
Strange that python 3 didn't work with houdini-py3-18.0.338-macosx_x86_64_clang10.0_10.14.