HDA doesn't work anymore if you reopen the Maya scene

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So if I have a HDA inside Maya scene, with curves and assets it requires for the tool to work, it works perfectly when you import the HDA freshly, but if you save the scene with linked curves and assets, and reopen it, it doesn't load the HDA anymore.

My workflow is:
- open Houdini
- start Session Sync on default port 9090 (without manually doing this it doesn't work at all for me)
- open Maya
- Maya has session sync set to TCP socket port 9090 as well
- open the needed Maya scene

Then there are those two cases:
- if I open a scene with a saved HDA inside -> isn't able to read the HDA, gives the attached error and doesn't show supported properties on it
- opening new scene/loading HDA freshly in the same Maya scene -> HDA works as expected.

Any help regarding what could be the issue or any workarounds would be very appreciated!

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I found a temporary workaround for this, what I'm doing is saving the internal structure with the node.saveToFile() method and making sure allowEditingOfContents is set before loading it back in. It's not a perfect solution but it'll do the job for now.
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