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To all Houdini wizards with leadership experience!

Digital Domain Vancouver/Montreal is looking for a talented and driven FX Department Supervisor to join our team!

As our Head of FX, you will collaborate closely with the Artist Manager, production team, and tech gurus to manage the daily operations of our centralized FX department. In this role, you'll lead and mentor a talented team of FX Artists across our LA, Vancouver, and Montreal studios, ensuring seamless integration of FX work into project workflows. By staying updated on industry trends, you'll help maintain our position at the cutting edge of the VFX world.

So, grab your wand (or stylus) and join us on a journey of boundless opportunities and magical adventures! 🧙‍♂️✨ and reach out to Senior Recruiter, Amy Quek, at aquek@d2.com.

Job description:
http://careers.digitaldomain.com/description/23_2_1633.pdf [careers.digitaldomain.com]
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