How do I resize particles for renderman viewport in Maya ?

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So here's the dilemma:

I have my wet sand simulation imported into Maya as a GPU cache (as I've tried alembic import in Maya, but it doesn't show in the Renderman render).

So, for Arnold, the attribute editor for the particles lets me have a point-radius size change (as shown in the image). But Renderman has NO options in the attribute editor. The picture shows what the particles came in as for both renders (Arnold on left, Renderman on the right). As I said, I can change the size of the particles for Arnold, but not Renderman.

Where would I be able to change point size of the cache sim for Maya-Renderman render view? I have yet to find any video or blog on this problem...

dirtIssues_01.JPG (110.2 KB)

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