After a very long time of keeping my self in a space of abstraction and surrealistic simulations I decided to mold my usual approach with something more recognizable.
All of us are drawn to flowers for their stillness and humble offering of their inexhaustible beauty that has been a source inspiration to countless artists as well as seekers of spiritual awareness.
Their shape and color variations are endless and I found myself being amazed of how many breeds I did not even know existed.
For that reason I decided to combine bit's and pieces from different types of flowers that I really enjoyed and with a bit of extra houdini's magic, gave life to a unique breed.
Bloom - Purpura is the first one in series of magic flowers planned to be gradually released.
Designed as an endless loop I believe this series can attract the viewer repeatedly and serve as an relaxing and pleasing relief.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Big thanks to EchoicAudio for music & sound design collaboration. (

Software: HoudiniFX / Redshift3D

VFX Artist

Originally from Czech, I always aim to expanded my artistic perception, developing deep passion for simulating abstract visions of real world phenomenon focusing on even the smallest subtleties of shape and motion. Exploring how we can truly enjoy this vision by composing immersive, pleasing, and meditative content.


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