A simple tool that will transform your model into a hologram.
The tool's feature:
- Define resolution (sections / points in section).
- Solid color or texture based.
- Total control of noise pattern.
- Camera occlusion.
- Two lights with shadow.
- Redshift setup was used.
Dont know what else I might add in the future, please if you have any ideas do share them.

As you can see from the video you need to have some sort of understanding of how houdini works, it's not the simplest tools out there, it has some tricks here and there.




My name is Alaa Al Nahlawi ( علاء النحلاوي ) from Syria with more than ten years of experience which spread over multiple graphic design fields, and I love what I do.I like to consider myself as a VFX TD, it turns out that setting things on fire or wreck themdown is one of my hobbies, additionally I really enjoy solving problems. I mainly work with Houdini and 3ds max they are my bread and butter.

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