I used Houdini with Micro solvers to create a lot of details in the smoke fx, Furthermore, I developed the dynamic force. Creating the final look by Pyro Shader.

The main RnD was create a billions of voxels with minimum storage, I stored it in VDBs 16 bit for Video.

In the images I used Houdini volumes also written in 16 bit to compare it to VDBs and Houdini Volumes.

VDB : 123 GB, Render time 40 mins.
Houdini volume : 226 GB render time 1 Hour.

Division Size : 0.01 (1 Billion Voxels).
Storage 123 GB.
Sim time : 6 Hours.
Render time : 40 mins for huge frames.
First bucket: 6 - 15 minutes.
Mantra Engin : PBR.
Here full project with video:

Technical Director


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