A clean and somewhat simplified but realistic model suitable for rigging.

Stockholm | スウェーデン

Currently not available for hire. After two years of freelancing I've prioritized my family life and predictable work conditions and has been working as a tech teacher since 2014. Art and CG has become a spare time hobby. Present: IT-teacher (9 years). Focus: characters related to concept, modeling, rigging, animation. Primary Software: Houdini, ZBrush. Code: Python, VEX, BASH. IT: computers, networks, Linux. Concepts: 2D and 3D concept art, matte painting. Background: Freelance generalist (Maya, AE, PS) for TV, web, and film (appx 2 years). Ex. character animation teacher (Blender). Edu: BSc. computer science, computer graphics (2010), additional studies in art and pedagogy. Long term CG-related goal: Complete character pipeline from concept to advanced dynamics. Business idea (short): assets for character animation and CFX. License: Can rent when needed.


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