Tiger Characters in 3D Movies

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zf3d.com Since its establishment in 2005, Zhufeng Community has been committed to original CG video tutorials for ten years, with 400000 members serving professionals in the gaming/architecture/film/animation industry. Perhaps you didn't know us before, but today's community that has been grounded for ten years is worth taking a look. Our VIP service allows you to watch all original tutorials with one purchase, and you can learn all the technologies at no extra cost. Whether it is book training, this charging method cannot be achieved, and most of it is a single purchase of a certain project. Most of the members who have just seen this charging method in Zhufeng Community cannot believe the imbalance in price and value. They spent a lot of money in other institutions, but did not learn much technology. Not only did they not spend much money in Zhufeng Community, but they have also been growing with it. There are many members who have been in Zhufeng Community for ten years, and there are more lifelong members. This kind of inclusive price is also a principle that Teacher Zhu Feng has adhered to for many years. We want to eliminate utilitarianism and let everyone have technical knowledge. Many members earn points, but the second year renewal only costs ten yuan. The top achievement system in the community allows learning members to receive money, and we encourage this approach. If you work hard to learn and follow the course, you can even obtain skills without spending money. There are too many institutions on the market that only focus on money and do not do anything, so when you come to Zhufeng Community, it is recommended that you first learn free tutorials without paying to see if you can learn. Then consider purchasing. We always adhere to the principle of creating the best tutorials and providing valuable services to cg enthusiasts. Enable everyone to acquire more advanced knowledge.


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