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Black in viewport is blue 2019年1月4日5:23

ahh got it.
thx for the info.

Black in viewport is blue 2019年1月3日9:10

Hello Fellows, I have a strange problem, since upgrading to 17..

as you can see black seems to be slightly blue in the viewport and i dont know what causes this.

I hope this is not a new H17 feature, so where do i find some Kind of a make normal button?


simple for loop grouping question 2018年6月22日16:52

i got stuck on my for loop cause i am not sure how to use the modulo..

i have 12 connected primitives with a class attribute and i want to have 6 groups with it
but only with the first and second and the third and fourth and so on.

so i did the following
int count = int(1+(@class/2) );
for(int i = 0; i < count; i++)
    string groupname = sprintf("layer%i",i);
    setprimgroup(0,groupname, @primnum, 1, "set");
    setprimgroup(0,groupname, @primnum+count, 1, "add");
but that does not work,

do i need a second for loop in the first or modulo with 2 to get 01 23 45 67 89 etc..

cheerz the Heavy