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Is there a way to assign a hotkey to the Guide Groom "Primitive group" parameter? 2021年7月4日21:37

Been looking for a solution as well, still no hotkey I suppose ?
updated? don't find it in hotkeys window

Hello, Check out Gabriela Salmeron's Introduction to Grooming in Houdini under sidefx tutorial. She shares a python script that you can put a hotkey into that solves this issue.

controlling Hair Blending Method? 2020年7月31日20:41

This is a linear blend result from 1 guide input to a hairgen.
The blending method itself is hardcoded inside hairgencore node, So I guess I can't create a custom blending method (?) However I was wondering if anybody has figured out how to overwrite/create extra control for this flatness effect?

purple circles are for visuals only. Was thinking if there could be a way to control this on the generated curves (hair) themselves (there should be, its houdini after all) what attributes am I suppose to be manipulating here? orientation? twist?

Is there a way to assign a hotkey to the Guide Groom "Primitive group" parameter? 2019年10月23日1:19

Looking for the exact same thing. Sad to know that it cannot be set as a hotkey. Hopefully there is a fix next update?