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Principled Shader / Opacity / Alpha - how does it work? 2020年12月10日0:15

Hi David,

thanks a lot for the reply, that´s exactly what I was looking for!
I am wondering, why some “easy” tasks are so complicated in Houdini, but I anyway like the program a lot to get deeper into it.

Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

Principled Shader / Opacity / Alpha - how does it work? 2020年11月19日4:47

Hello to you guys,

I am just desperate right now. I want to create a principled shader with a texture. The texture is a TIF and has an alpha channel (transparent PNG is the same).
My understanding from programs like MAX or MAYA is, that if I use a texture with an alpha channel, the object is transparent, where the alpha channel is black, and is opaque, where the alpha channel is white - showing the color of the map.

Attached you´ll find a Screenshot of the viewport and a testrendering (from Maya) how it should look like.

I just can´t get this to work in Houdini.
Can anybody help me or explain what I am doing wrong?
I searched the web and can find some help, but they are more or less older and not 1:1 the problem I have.
I am using 18.5.382-Indie.

If there is a good tutorial out there, dealing with textures and explaining how it works, I´d be very happy.

Switch between Apprentice and Indie session modes 2020年11月1日1:28

Hi Manuel,

thanks for the reply!
I am on 18.5.351 and the original post is from March 2020. So I think the problem was there before.
I am installing the latest daily build, figuring out, if the issue still exists.

Just installed 18.5.382, with unistallation of the old 18.5.351 version.
In the last hour it didn´t switch from Indie to Apprentice. I think this fixed the problem - fingers crossed.

Thanks again and greetings…Daniel