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Accessing primvars:displayColor in Redshift shader 2022年1月11日13:52

v@customColor = @Cd; and read it in shader with RSpointAttribute (ParticleAttributeLookup).

Only guessing RS is getting confused with houdini 3flt(Clr) and regular vector 3flt.

Cloud Density Fall off 2021年4月7日22:12

- plug cloud node to volumeslice so you can visualize the density info
- Volume->Interrior Band Voxels.. set it to something like 20 to give yourself enough room for gradient
- Density->Density Multiplier.. set it to 1 so it fits default volumeslice range.. play with density ramp you can see the effect of your ramp

White Water RAM usage 2020年6月27日21:10

Poked around whitewater solver with performance monitor; looks like neighbour creation and killing dead sopsolvers are eating up memory on win10.

Fix that worked for me:

- Edit->Preferences->Object and Geometry->Sop Cache->Cull Level to 4 (this will unload nodes that have flag on)
- Go to /obj/whitewater_sim/whitewatersolver1/position_based_fluid/create_neighborhoods
select all nodes and RMB->Flags->Unload (this sets the actual unload flag you should see little trashcan icon on all nodes)
- bypass /obj/whitewater_sim/whitewatersolver1/kill sopsolver node
this is one is a headscratcher??? setting all nodes to unload had no effect; tried moving deletion into wrangle and bypassing blast sop no effect as well.. only way to stop it from chugging memory was to bypass it.

With above changes I was able to get similar memory numbers on win10 as I was getting on ubuntu 20.04.