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Polyextrude does not preserve point groups 2023年1月3日3:29

Not this way, but you can store the point number id for example, which gets duplicated and after this you can recreate the edge group, if the pair of ids of two neighbours correspond to a point pair of an edge within the group.

Connect corresponding points in Vex 2022年12月11日9:34

If you have two groups you can isolate the points and create for each point pair a new prim. If you just want the connections (without the curves), you start with new wrangle and use the curves as second (third) input. In VEX you just add both points (of the point pair) and one prim, where each point becomes one vertex.

Connect points, looking (aiming) to each other. VEX. 2022年12月6日1:36

In VEX you can do everything you want. Just loop over the points and apply any condition. For this you can use existing VEX functions. For example for the cone filter you can use pccone(...) function to get a (sub)set of points, which are in a specific cone. For Distance there are also functions like distance(x,y).
In the example above the loop was over point pairs, it is probably more intuitive to use a single loop.
For example if you have Geometry you want to delete all points, where the y-Coordinate is smaller 0, which means you want to keep all points, where y is greater or equal to zero.

Here is an example for points using a loop in detail wrangle and a point wrangle.