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Labs Unreal Groom Export issue 2023年3月28日10:42

Hi guys, I can't really figure out how to export the groom_root_uv attribute, anybody that can help me?
Here attached a screenshot of my hairgen node.
Thanks for any help.

howto ROP Alembic export 2021年11月21日10:22

Hi folks, I'm new to Houdini. I have a very simple particle system but I can't find a way to export the particle animation as an alembic file (see attached screenshot). I know there is a ROP Alembic export node but it isn't available in the Dynamics section.
Any hint? Thanks

Maya rigged FBX's into Houdini 2020年11月9日16:00

Hi, how do you solved this problem? Exactly the same problem here. The bones are not in a hierarchy, instead the NULLS are, but we cannot apply IK on NULLS.
I didn't. I switched to Blender.