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Houdini crashes when displaying geometry 2017年4月25日11:33

Okay, just did that. Thank you for the hint there.

Houdini crashes when displaying geometry 2017年4月25日9:53

Doesn't my computer meet the minimum requirements? I thought I did.
I just tried Houdini 15 and it crashes with the same error. On my previous laptop (3rd generation Intel Core CPU compared to 4th on current, but Windows 10 instead of Windows 7) it runs fine, so it shouldn't be just the hardware, I assume. Installing Houdini 16 on the old one now and will let you know what happens.

What also might be interesting (regarding my newer laptop, of course): When I turn on wireframe mode before adding any geometry, it works fine and I can see in wireframe what I wanted to see. Switching back to the shaded view gives the same error as before.

EDIT: Ok so even Houdini 16 runs on my older notebook(Intel HD Graphics 3500, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10). So for the moment I can use this machine, but I'd prefer to have it up and running on the newer one with much more RAM..

Houdini crashes when displaying geometry 2017年4月25日9:28

I'm new to Houdini and having trouble just placing simple geometry like a sphere into a scene.
My system configuration is as follows: up-to-date Windows 7, Intel HD Graphics 4600 (latest driver, listed as supported in the help), 12 GB RAM

After installing and starting Houdini Apprentice Version 16.0.557 it always crashes whenever I put any node into the scene (like a cube, sphere, …). I submitted the crash log but like to ask for your advice now, as you maybe already have a solution. The crash log looks as follows:

Crash report from arettkow; Houdini Core Version 16.0.557
Uptime 27 seconds
Tue Apr 25 15:09:10 2017
Caught signal 11

Traceback from 6068 ThreadId=0x0000124c

Houdine crashes with a segmentation fault. I googled the problem but only got the advice to update the graphics driver, but I'm already using the latest one.

If there's anything more I could provide you (other log files, …), just tell me!