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After attaining a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation from Sheridan College, Stephen G. Tucker went on to work as a Product Specialist at Side Effects Software Inc, before beginning his career in film and games. He has worked as a visual effects artist and technical director in both fully animated and live action films at Starz Animation, Dr. D, and Digital Domain. He has also worked as a visual effects artist in the game industry and has worked on titles including: Gears of War 4, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars Battlefront II, Shape of The World, and Battlefield V.


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obj-image GDC
On the Origin of Darwin Project’s Geometry by Means of Houdini

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obj-image Intermediate
Artist's Guide to Technical Direction: Volume 0 - HScript
obj-image Intermediate
Learn How to Craft Game Effects using Houdini & UE4

Recent Forum Posts

Production blockers and issues list 2018年10月8日10:12

HDAs placed in levels will sometimes stop updating while others placed HDA's of the same type continues to work. Only solution to this so far is to delete the HDA and place a new one.

This is a fairly recent issue, we will investigate.

Still noticing this in the latest version of UE / Houdini

Asset interaction is slow 2018年10月7日23:46

Yeah…. the UE4 responsiveness is abysmal. I've been going through the Guard Tower tutorial, and placing the sandbags in UE4 is just just … painful.

It takes roughly 20 seconds to recook the asset after I move a curve point or change a parameter on my asset.
And that's with 16 cores and a GTX 1080.

houdini.pref 2018年4月10日11:03

So since I just had some confusion with this myself, here's a bit more detail for the next person who comes along:

  1. In a Houdini Shell, if you use “hconfig -ap” you'll see the priority of the HOUDINI_PATH.
  2. By default, when you add an HSITE variable, it will be placed in priority after the user prefs. This means that as long as there is no houdini.pref file in their home directory the HSITE preferences will take over… but once there's a file in their home… you can't force anything on them.
  3. If there is one preference you want to force, then you'll need to manually set the HSITE to come first in the priority by building the HOUDINI_PATH yourself.
  4. If you leave it as houdini.pref in your HSITE, then users can save preferences however they want (but the one or two you've specified will overwrite theirs)
  5. If you leave it as houdini.pref.nosave, then users may not edit any preferences