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H17 Vellum Masterclass - how to animate single points inside dopnet? 2020年12月21日10:10

At around 1:24:10 in the Masterclass, the instructor uses a geometry wrangle to write to the attribute v@air driving a pop wind
Is this the only way to arbitrary move around points inside a vellum dopnet?

Need animation on Vellum stiffness 2020年12月10日15:46

Hi there, I'm new too to vellum so take this with a grain of salt.
I see 2 issues with your workflow:

1) You are trying to read an attribute which is created for the geometry itself.
But you need to work on the constraints actually, so better if you created the attribute for them.

2) You can't use the “@attribute” notation in the constraint properties node to read an animated attribute of the constraint. I guess it's same case as trying to keyframe the constraint parameters at SOP level… Vellum Solver won't read it at ever frame. You need to “import” it with the prim() function.

Have a look at the file.

Labs Spiral extended with ramps and noise (with 1 issue) 2020年12月10日7:51

I extended the nice spiral tool with noise and ramp for the frequency of the loops and a ramp for the amplitude. []

There is an issue though. When you apply the filters, the loops often don't complete the 360 round.
I like this unplanned feature, but I also would like to have a more regular spiral…

If anybody want to try to fix it or play with it, I've attached the hip file with the embedded custom spiral tool.