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How to get viewport DPI in Python? 2023年10月1日10:23

I need to know the DPI of the monitor where the current viewport is displayed.

Currently I'm using this snippet to know the DPI of each screen in the system, but I don't know how to tell which one is hosting the viewport.

from PySide2.QtWidgets import QApplication

app = QApplication.instance()
screens = app.screens()

for s in screens:
    dpi = s.physicalDotsPerInch()

What's your favorite 2023年9月26日6:17

One of my favorite nodes is the super fast pointgenerate. I use it all the time as foundation for efficient workflows and HDAs.

Matchsize is another beloved one, although I noticed it too, it could be faster if converted to pure Vex.

Enumerate is another little gem, extremely helpful in re-enumerating spare pieces that have non-continuous indices. (I would like to understand the algorithm behind this, because I tried to do it in python and it was very slow)

And finally I should assign a mention of honor also to the Connectivity Sop, which I take it for granted now, but the very first times its usefulness was probably mind blowing for me

set attribute in vex 2023年9月23日6:25

are you aware that a point wrangle executes the code in parallel on each point?

if the random number is already computed for point 0, you can then write the following in point wrangle:

float a0 = point(0, "a" , 0);
f@a = a0;

or you can just use the rand() function with the same seed for each point