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Cannot set file path by python property script 2023年1月29日8:42

It seems like no matter how I do it there is no way to have a File import of exr sequences with $F4 in the name. If I type it by hand it works, but it will never work if I set it by python or by a link to another property. The result will always be "cannot find file"

Cannot set file path by python property script 2023年1月28日9:12

Show us what the filenames look like. Does your file contain four zero padded digits?


I can make it read the file if I point only at the first so I have 0001.exr in the end. But the second I try to use $F4 then it stops working and it complains that the file cannot be found.

So just to iterate. If I would type this exact string in the file node then it works.
However if I have another node with a string/file property and I copy and paste relative, then it does NOT work.
This is in the img file node, that I try to load for compositing.

Cannot set file path by python property script 2023年1月28日6:56

I'm trying to set a file path property by referencing another property in the scene.

So I have PropertyA which has this file name:

Then I have a File node that references this property.
But it never works. It says cannot find the file. I think that it is the $F4 that causes the problem.
If I link to the file manually it says exactly the same as the file above so the spelling is 100% correct.

Any idea what I can do to make it work?