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【HELP】magic energy look effect 2017年9月1日1:42

If you can normalise the output of the noise between 0 and 1, try to use power (or bias) and gain, before you mult it back to a higher value.

HELP!: Importing sketchup model into houdini 2014年4月1日22:59

I cant see this option from 2014, whereabouts?

HELP!: Importing sketchup model into houdini 2014年3月28日13:58

I would also like to be able to do this. i have a dxf plugin to export dxfs form sketchup. Ive also tried collada.

it seems that houdini file formats such as dxf or COLLADA don't work when I'm using them.

I was hoping to do this with the free version of sketchup because we are doing open source non commercial CAD work and want to keep our processes open for everyone.

for this reason, FBX export out of sketchup isn't an option for us.