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Instancing with emit rbd 2023年5月13日13:37

Thanks for the response and the examples. I'm actually trying to find a workflow for instancing geometry to RBD emitted point post-simulation. I did manage to find a more efficient delayed-load method outputting caches to Arnold for rendering by writing out .ass files from an Arnold ROP and bringing those in with Arnold Procedurals

Instancing with emit rbd 2023年5月9日15:53

Is there a way to instance geometry to RBD emit points? I'm using the new SOP bullet solver, using Emit RBD. I have a small amount of source geometry, but I'm at a loss on how to instance to cached points when the point count and name attribute changes as more geometry is emitted into the sim. Ideas? Thanks!

Breaking glue constraints RBD solver 2023年4月15日10:28

That works brilliantly, thanks!