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packed bounding box in world space 2023年10月11日17:31

Hi, any headway on this? I'm having the same issue it'll be greatly appreciated if you can share what you found.

Any rule of thumb when choose between solvers? 2023年2月4日22:58

Thank you. So trial and error and some degree of foresight. This the first time using vellum flip so I guess this is where the exp starts with it.cheers Tomas!

Any rule of thumb when choose between solvers? 2023年2月3日21:34

Hello all,

just a general question of any tips or guides to determine when to use what solver. For example, I'm creating a simple bowl pouring viscous chocolate into a cup, tried flip fluids first but could get what I was looking for, but after googling a bit I saw a vellum fluid solver. I tried the vellum solver and got closer to the result I wanted faster than the flip solver which I couldn't get close to. attached is a ref of what I wanted to create.

when approaching a problem any guidelines or questions I should ask myself before choosing any solver?