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Custom Popup Menu 2016年4月1日8:03


Embed .h files in Digital Assets for use with wrangle nodes 2016年2月16日5:57

Taking the question from odforce : []

I have a subnet which I intend to transform to a .hda asset. Inside the subnet there are wrangle nodes and some of them include a couple of custom .h header files from houdini/vex/include folder. Now my question is how can I attatch/embed these header files in the asset so I don't need to copy files separately?

1- Can an asset embed header files and then copy them to a certain folder when a user is installing them?
2- Or maybe I can somehow embed the header files in the asset and then include them in the wrangle nodes with a relative path?

There is similar question for python libs here : []

The fact that the asset should be easily distributable is important for my task as well.

op:/ operator and Camera background image? 2016年2月15日8:31

Seems the bug still persists in H15