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Labs instant meshes - proportional output? 2023年1月19日6:34

Hi is there a way to make the target poly count output of this node take a multiplier? So I can use a measure or something in advance and get a consistent poly density across various meshes when used in a for loop?

cheers - Aten.

Gaea Labs toolset error 2022年9月15日7:33

Just wanna note that it still fails when running it in HDA processor in a TOPNET.

Gaea Labs toolset error 2022年9月8日19:02

Reported this btw

'Side Effects Support Ticket: #126941

Hello Aten,
My apologies, I do not have an ETA for this fix.
I have added you to bug (ID# 123387) in our database, so that I can inform you as soo as we do have a fix.'