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re-editing material usd once made into a usd 2020年4月1日13:36

Unfortunately none of this presents the artist with a clean UI with exposed parameters or ‘overrideable’ parameters. Is there any plan to improve the material override parameter workflow for solaris ?

Don't see what you mean by that - especially jsmacks suggestion - everything is laid out at the top level of the node - what is it you feel needs improving?

re-editing material usd once made into a usd 2020年3月31日11:10

Is there a plan or even just a way right now to override a parameter value from a shader, but just for a single primitive?

You can either set shader parm values in a wrangle prior to importing the geo to Lops, or while in Lops use a Sop Modify node (setting on Unpack USD Primitives to Polygons - or use unpack USD Primitives to Polygon node inside Sop Modify node) - then use a wrangle there.

if expresion not working VEX 2020年3月30日10:16

Your probably wanting:

if ( $F < 16 || $F > 70, 1, 0)