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World Space Displacement with MaterialX? 2024年1月31日4:06

This was a bit of a tough one for me, but I think I figure out how to do world space displacement in MaterialX without using anything outside of the spec.

Trick is to use dot products instead of matrix.

Take your world space vector (Wind Direction in my case) and then do a dot with tangent, bitangent and normal and combine into a vector. This seems to work well so far.

Hope this helps someone else because this too me way too long to figure out! Thanks!

MaterialX displacement not updating based on time? 2023年10月2日14:07

Bump. Any ideas on how to get time-dependent displacements to update? Thanks!

MaterialX displacement not updating based on time? 2023年8月1日15:06

I'm probably missing something, I can't seem to get my materialX material displacement to update based on time.

I used the same time setup to pan the UV coordinates for the flame texture but can't seem to get it to update the displacement. Seems to always evaluate displacement as if the frame / time = 0

Any ideas? This is in LOPS / Stage area using USD. Really want to be able to use materialX to make things like a simple water shader etc.

Thanks so much!