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Creating Indie Game Worlds with Houdini 2018年6月20日15:17

I recently interviewed a few indie game developers who are using Houdini to build their games, check out the video below!

More and more indie game developers are using Houdini to build big game worlds as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn how five different indie studios from all over the world are using the power of procedural workflows to build their imaginative and vast game environments. For more info about these studios and their games, follow the links below:

Flashbulb Games [] - Trailmakers
TriHelix [] - Marshmallow Melee
Triseum [] / Texas A&M LIVE Lab - Variant series
Feline Arts [] - Suki & the Shadow Klaw
House of Secrets [] - KIN

Castle Defender VR has been released! 2017年7月28日12:50

Castle Defender VR, a “tower defense” VR game built by SideFX game interns, has officially been released for HTC Vive. To get more info and download the game, visit this page. []

"Game Jam with Houdini" Contest Winners Announced 2017年4月18日13:33

SideFX hosted a “Game Jam with Houdini” contest alongside Global Game Jam 2017 and the winners have been announced! Get the details and winning games here: []

1st Place - SlimeBeat

2nd Place - BaRock Battles

3rd Place - Magik Mush - The Oak Guardian