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rigid body collisions "off" the mesh 2022年12月7日4:51

Treat them as any other RBD packed object
So make sure they are packed independently and correctly configured with RBD Configure SOP
As not active, alternatively animated or deforming depending

hi, thank you!

So, does it mean that the setup above (when activating all of the file nodes) is not good?

At the moment I had to set up each single mesh independently, which is fine since I only had 4 meshes.
However, I wonder if that's the right way of doing it, since it would be really time consuming if I had many objects to set up.

For example, I tried to export all of the object as a single obj... is there a way to set up collisions correctly that way?

rigid body collisions "off" the mesh 2022年12月6日12:22

it looks like houdini didn't like the collision meshes to be merged in a single collision source, as I was trying to do in the screenshot. I had to create different collision sources for each object. Is there a way to have multiple objects merged into one collision and have it working correctly?

rigid body collisions "off" the mesh 2022年12月5日11:59


I am creating this scene you can see in the screenshot, but I am having some trouble with the collisions.

The fence gets smashed by the trex, and the pieces then flies around. I am using a ground and some additional mesh as collisions. The first works well, but those additional meshes create some weird invisible collisions around.

In the screenshot you can see I am trying to visualize the collision boundaries and they look fine, so I am not sure what's wrong.

This is how the collisions are without the additional collision geo, just the ground... all seems to be fine.

Addtionally I'd like to ask: is there a way to deactivate the pieces once the slow down enough? At the moment the splinters keeps rolling on the ground once they landed and it doesn't seem really realistic. Any tips?

Thank you!