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Why are images locked behind a login page? 2023年3月31日10:39

How could i forget .GIFs Yes, you are right!

It would be great if SESI could change this and improve the forum UX

Why are images locked behind a login page? 2023年3月30日9:37

To that I agree and i understand that there should be limitations in what files are available for anyone.

But In the case op .png and .jpg it would be helpful to have it readily available and gives me enough information if its worth it to log in to download the files. Anything else that the browser cant pick up can stay behind a login page.

free the images

Why are images locked behind a login page? 2023年3月30日0:48

I switch computers a lot and at work I use Houdini on most of them.

Now every time I need information I end up on this forum which has been a huge help!

The only thing that I am getting increasingly frustrated about is that all the screenshots and hip-files is behind a login page and for me its not preferred to login every single time. This seems very counter intuitive.

Would it be possible to open up the screenshots and maybe hip-files for non logged in accounts? This seems to be a small change that will help a lot to support anyone that is in need for a quick answer.