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Houdini 15 release date? 2015年10月15日12:11

I'm not sure it really works that way. Houdini by its very nature is a package that you're likely exposed to through professional channels in the first place (or crazies like me constantly eulogising about it until it bores everyone to tears), rather than glitzy marketing campaigns.

I know what you mean, I got evangelized by watching Peter Quint's videos and the friendly and enthusiastic community were a real motivator to learn Houdini. I'm sure the support is also great, always read good things about it, which is a big plus indicator for prospecting new customers

Edit : Yay, it's out along with updated tutorials, awesome!

Houdini 15 release date? 2015年10月15日11:17

So I suppose its not today either? As a prospecting customer wairing for 15 to buy my first licence, I must say it is a bit offputting the lack of communication and marketing this company seems to have. The facebook page isn't updated regularly, the website hasn't got any special features or release informations about H15, the forum looks like it was designed in the early 2000's…come on, I mean, for a software with 5k licences and top of the industry, TBH I expected a bit more. And yes, it's the awesome program that counts, but in this day and age a streamlined communication and marketing strategy is not only essential but so easy to achieve Anyway, just my two cents. Now back to be impatient for the actual release

Houdini 15 release date? 2015年10月5日9:50

Hello, besides tonight's event in London, I can't find any info about an official release date for H15. Will it be available tomorrow for customers? It is kind of weird that there isn't any proper promotion here or on the social media (literally no posts here about it besides the wishlist…), if there is software that deserves a bit of hype buildup and advertisement is Hou