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Solaris camera import question 2022年10月30日9:33

Sorry Lorsange, I would if I could. I left the studio I was at when I posted this and no longer have access to that file.

Maybe if you post where you are getting stuck, I or someone else here can help.

Render farm and karma 2022年9月1日10:12

I agree 100% and I was surprised that a husk submission tool was not included. I haven't tried it myself, but Deadline Render Manager from Thinkbox/Amazon is now free and has a Houdini integration. If I were tackling this problem today, I would investigate that approach.

Render farm and karma 2022年8月31日14:57

Did you get it to work with 19.5 (303)?

I ended up going another direction and wrote a tool that submits USD render jobs to Husk through hqueue. That way, only karma licenses are needed on the farm. I posted an early version of it here: [] . I'd love to post my latest version but I no longer have access to it. I didn't try the fetch node approach in 19.5.