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GLTF export error/crash. Logging Info available? 2022年11月8日19:55

There are no GLTF export logs but if you're able to attach the HIP file here or send it into support, we can investigate the cause of the crash and provide a fix.

Q: PDG Service holding RAM? 2021年11月23日10:35

Hi Peter,

Currently there's no way to tell the service to reset and clear its cache. To work around this at the moment, you would need to restart the service whenever the memory needs to be freed up. We're looking into being able to issue a reset command to the services, however, which will provide a way to clear the contents of the scene file and empty out any caches that the service maintains without needing to restart it.

PDG : HDA processor > agent definition cache > Save to Disk 2021年2月19日19:20

If you send your HIP file and HDA to support I can investigate what the issue might be.