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Correct method to launch a PyQt/PySide widget from the shelf 2016年3月17日15:32


I'm currently running into same issues with Houdini 15 and Pyside.

I see no one has replied to post - maybe someone has actually figured out what's going and can shed some light?

The window briefly pops open and closes instantly.


Maya Alembic import with Extra Attributes String 2015年9月9日21:06


Trying this again .. except trying to read these attributes in Maya 2014…

Exported the alembic out of Houdini with attributes attached to the object (detail) so to have it show up in Maya in the master/parent transform.

This does not seem to stick for some reason.

When reading it back into Houdini and using the HOM extension to read those attributes I get this:

(, True, ‘unknown’)

expecting this:

(, True, ‘constant’)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I'm Using Houdini 14.0.335

Maya Alembic import with Extra Attributes String 2015年3月5日13:49

In H13 - exporting Alembics with Primitive Attributes and Detail attributes worked well. H14 came along and added some features and it seems more efficient…

However, in H14 - it seems that I need to unpack the alembic and then I can only apply DETAIL attributes… which does not help if I need that detail attribute to be different for each prim.

In H14, applying attributes to alembic caches - regardless of whether they are detail or primitive or point, they don't seem to come through to Maya anymore…

Anyone get around this? Is there a new way to add prim attributes in H14??