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Houdini users database? 2022年12月9日21:38

I would start with a minimum version of the current version which will make it easier to test.

Apple Silicon support? 2021年12月7日21:32

This may be of interest regarding Blender.

Apple joins Blender Development Fund []

8 cores Macbook pro 16" 64g, 8Gb GPU with Houdini... 2019年11月28日8:56

SideFx always seem to be very keen to improve their product, so I would have thought that they would want to know if a Houdini user was having issues on a new MacBook Pro so that they could get them fixed.

If they were not going to support Houdini on new Apple hardware then why appear on stage with Apple at the 2019 WDC?

But if anyone is worried that they might not get support before splashing out then they could always contact support to check that they will receive support using Houdini on a new Mac.