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PDG examle 2020年11月9日2:50

Yes, I followed Indie Pixels Tutorial. That's why I'm wondering why it doesn't work Hope Simon will release it's Unreal Tutorial soonish.

Flatten existing terrain for Buildings, Props etc. 2020年11月4日12:42

Hi everyone,

I could need some help on my terrain workflow. I try to automatically flatten an existing terrain e.g. If I place a building. Can someone help me out which nodes could make this happen? I tried something with HF Project but it looks like I'm not able to make it work that the house keeps its right angle.

[Engine V2] Instantiating existing Foliage Actor 2020年11月3日10:57

I tried doing this but compared to Simon Houdinis presentation the little checkbox is missing in my HDA.

My Setup is …
1. Attribute Create with the static mesh string from Unreal (works)
2. Another Attribute Create node below with “unreal_foliage” as an Integer.

Do I need to add a special tag to the HDA? What am I doing wrong ?