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CG Supervisor
United States

I create character-based cg art and short films in Houdini. Ask me about making floppy characters!



obj-image Intermediate
Creating a Mega Character
obj-image Intermediate
How VELLUM Works | Animating Attributes & Useful Tricks
obj-image Beginner
How VELLUM Works | Production Tricks

Recent Forum Posts

Husk Procedural hair example 2022年11月23日7:10

im also trying to use the hair procedural, and seem to be feeding it everything it wants, but it is not showing anything in render!

best place to see what is / isnt supported in karma vs XPU ? 2022年11月22日16:26

my understanding is that if you say things are in the same trace set together they get path traced as one object or something? anyway, the only time im really familiar with using it is with SSS objects that intersect. you want to make them part of the same trace set if you dont want to get an ugly dark area where the two objects intersect. i was told at some point that this isnt yet supported in karma xpu, but i have no idea! was also just an example.

thanks this list is handy brian!

How to load image into Solaris Camera 2022年11月19日20:10