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What holds yourself/studio from adopting Houdini more? 2022年4月10日9:43

I've not so huge experience in 3D world but after playing for a long while whit C4D and Houdini I can say that if you open a huge C4D scene with a lot of objects, Xpresso rules, tags, and so on let me say that it is easier an equivalent complex scene in Houdini where following the path between the nodes you can understand better and faster. So, for me, Houdini is not more complex than other 3D applications. Somewhere I read that Houdini is just a fast and powerful tool that handles a huge matrix number (its spreadsheet) by applying mathematics rules. As well as all other 3D software. Fortunately, in Houdini this is visible/accessible and you can see it and use it also as a debugger or control.
I don't have issues using Vex (after spending years in C programming, vex is like a toy for me) but absolutely for me is crazy using Vop or any other tentative to replace programming with some horrible block logic.
The interface needs a refresh, for me, but because you can customize this is my last issue.
I'm trying to understand Solaris but let me say that it is not easy.

Rotate object attached to null?? I'm stuck 2021年9月28日15:22

In any case, are you sure that the multiply *3,414 is correct? Should be pi-greco that's 3,14 and not 3,41

Line+Sweep vs Grid 2021年1月19日0:26

thanks fir reply!