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Best Houdini Utility Entries 2022年11月28日21:33

This is a basic tool to quickly add visualizers based on a library of easily editable and expandable presets. The idea is that you make the HDA your own and customize the built-in library to your personal preferences and use-cases.

It's pretty much 100% Python and still a very early version of what it was supposed to be. But I think there are several interesting things to learn from this.

How do I precompile VEX (Sop Wrangle) code? 2021年12月24日12:23

I had a look at this before and I didn't see what I was looking for. Maybe it's because I don't know what exactly I am looking for there. Could you please point me at some specific command(s)? Of course, a very basic example would be even better.

How do I precompile VEX (Sop Wrangle) code? 2021年12月21日17:31

I have some big sop level vex wrangle nodes and they are fast to compute, but take relatively long to compile, which affects scene loading times etc.

What's the fastest (and simplest) way to save and load a compiled version of the wrangle code? (Would it even make a difference?)

Also how do I best embed those files in an HDA?