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Shelf tools in HDA version update issue 2020年9月18日15:44

The problem is that you end up with two shelf tools that have the same name. And in Houdini session only one tool of a given name can be active.

Thanks, now I understand what is going wrong.
But I would expect that in case of conflict, it would use the tool of the current HDA. Because that behavior would automatically “deprecate” the outdated tools.

As a “fix”, I deleted the tools from the older HDA version.

Naiad theme for H16 (Circular nodes - one shape to rule them all) 2020年9月18日6:42

The tool by bjs is still the best way to do this, amazing work!

Has anyone figured out how to embed custom node shapes in an HDA?

I added the json in the extra files section and am trying the following code in the OnCreated script:
node = kwargs['node']

node.setUserData("nodeshape", "opdef:/DS::Sop/my_node::2.0?myShape")

But it seems to be the wrong syntax. It seems to work for something like:

node.setUserData(“nodeshape”, “bulge_down”)

Shelf tools in HDA version update issue 2020年9月17日4:12

In my HDA, in the Interactive tab under ShelfTools,
I put a bunch of scripts that generate variations of the same HDA in the TAB menu.

So I have one tool and you can basically get a preset version of it straight from the TAB menu. And it can be looked up by the name of the preset. That's all good and it works. The issue arises, when I try to update the version of this HDA.

I have the same HDA with the same script, name and namespace and incremented version suffix. But I get the old version from the TAB menu, when I use the generated labels.

The TAB menu just keeps using the scripts from the older version. (I verified that by modifying the older version and observing the change.) When I delete the scripts in the older version, the TAB menu scripts use the newer version. Is this a bug, or am doing something wrong?