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Mac Pro, Metal & moving forward 2020年2月5日12:16

Thanks, everyone for the info!

Mac Pro, Metal & moving forward 2020年2月5日10:06


Thanks for ur help. unfortunately, I deleted the file. It was for a school assignment but, I remember that all my assignments were slow to render and it gets really heavy on my machine when texturing or running simulation especially the melting object assignment.

Its been a while since I used Houdini because of that, and now I want to go back and create more complex scenes something like destruction and explosions but with a better computer

I just wanted to know if anyone has tried the new MacBook pro-2019.

Fco Javier,

I understand that windows are better options when using 3D Softwares and I have thought about getting Razer blade but I honestly prefer Mac laptops over Windows. As for the workstation, I might get one in the future. Right now I am looking for a laptop cause I'm always on the move.

I would appreciate some suggestions for laptops windows or mac at a good price.

Thank you

Mac Pro, Metal & moving forward 2020年2月4日13:04

The scene also includes sim. It takes a long time to render one frame also Houdini will crash if I try to add more lighting to the scene. I was told before that this has something to do with the ram.

The scene is simple, a melting statue textured with golden metal.