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Actually Learning Houdini? 2012年11月7日21:47

Thank you for such a in depth suggestion. I have to admit I have tried to learn Houdini at least 5 times, constantly being intimidated by writing expressions which I understand is the back bone of the software. To be honest Im not the smartest when it comes to understanding any code so that is going to be a challenge in itself. That said, I feel I am creative so I have a good feeling once I grasp the idea I will keep at it! I understand the node based concept and how powerful that can be, its just when I read the parameters they have so many options and words that I have never really dealt with, which makes me worry…I will try your suggestion once I read through the getting started tutorials as well as the first steps which was suggested above. Thank you again for the introduction!

Actually Learning Houdini? 2012年11月7日17:55

Houdini first steps.

Thank you, now I'm on the right track.

Actually Learning Houdini? 2012年11月7日12:09

Cheers everyone,

Nice to meet you all, as this is my first post. Lets say you had to teach Houdini in a class, and your curriculum was a beginners class meaning no Houdini experience what so ever! Where would you start? The reason I ask this is because Im finally going to take the time to really devote my efforts in learning Houdini. Every time I try this I am directed to start with a tutorial of some sort that dives right into expressions and variables that don't make any sense to a new user. I come from a Maya background so Im not a total noob, but whenever I get advice or I've taken the courses in Santa Monica, they also start off where someone would have to have had experience in Houdini would understand.

Could someone please give me a basic idea of were to begin? Is it better to study in a class, or is it better online? Id like to learn Houdini in stages, meaning Interface, Buttons, Viewports, Objects, Lighting, Texturing, Rendering, etc…Also something that is most current not working from an earlier version especially if there are new ways of doing things that may have changed. I would really appreciate any advice as maybe I can finally get over my fear of learning such a great piece of software!

Thank you. :wink: