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H20 question - could someone describe the advantages of APEX system? 2023年10月31日6:36

Are there established workflow scenarios for working with FBX exports intended for game engines? One might assume that conversion is straightforward, but I'm curious: have earlier challenges, like the intricate setup of blend shape animation curves not being integrated with the animation ROP, been addressed?

Can the ROP FBX node export sockets for Unreal? 2023年7月15日6:19

I'm talking about adding sockets to regular meshes, not characters. I tried exporting a mesh with a socket from Unreal though and the socket didnt show in houdini with the file import or character import nodes.

In most DCCs you just have to name the socket point/mesh with the SOCKET_meshname_## format and export it with the rest of the geo, for Unreal to pick it up on import. But that doesnt appear to work when exporting with the ROP FBX node in houdini.

is it possible to render everything in UE5? 2022年4月27日3:10

It depends how you look at it. If get used to use UE as your main layout/lighting/surfacing tool, then yes. You can use Houdini to build all the assets that are not possible to build in UE, bring those over to UE and make the final work there, camera, compositing, rendering. If Houdini is your main tool for layout/lighting/surfacing, then no. UE can be handy because of the nesting sequences, so you can make more intuitive editing choices, tune the camera and all that in the real lighting environment, real time, while working in Houdini requires less intuitive work on previs and spend more time on fine tuning the final render. So, it is also a personal preference of your workflow.