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is it possible to render everything in UE5? 2022年4月27日3:10

It depends how you look at it. If get used to use UE as your main layout/lighting/surfacing tool, then yes. You can use Houdini to build all the assets that are not possible to build in UE, bring those over to UE and make the final work there, camera, compositing, rendering. If Houdini is your main tool for layout/lighting/surfacing, then no. UE can be handy because of the nesting sequences, so you can make more intuitive editing choices, tune the camera and all that in the real lighting environment, real time, while working in Houdini requires less intuitive work on previs and spend more time on fine tuning the final render. So, it is also a personal preference of your workflow.

ROP FBX limitations - naming vertex caches? 2021年10月4日3:17

Hi, not sure if I understand what is it you are trying to do (I have no idea what are the pc2 files, sorry) but as in quoted help text
There is no support for exporting to vertex caches nor changing geometry topology.
the fbx rop is not exporting cache, for that we use alembic or USD. (you didn't specify what do you need this cache for, because inside houdini you can also use houdini native bgeo file format)

You've got mail! 2021年9月21日17:04

Happens to the best!! Heads up, Chris, and to the whole team!!