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Request to have CAD import surface in Houdini 2023年9月21日5:04

Imagine having Plasticity fully integrated in houdini procedural node system...

That would be incredibly cool. Synthesis of NURBS surfaces (blends, fillets, parametric surf build, tools for analyze surf quality and etc) and Hоudini is my dream!

Intersection of a bezier curve and a circle in VEX ? 2023年9月15日7:45

Is there any solution to find the intersection points of a parametric curve (bezier ot nurbs) and a circle in VEX (geo wrangle node) ?

I understand that you can solve this through a curvesect node or by own realization a Newton-Raphson function or something similar, but maybe there is some faster way?

Multiparm block, tabs and folder 2023年6月9日22:58

How to replicate this behavior of the multiparm block and folders in HDA ?

i.e, distribute blocks into folders as the number of blocks increases ?