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About Unreal Engine 5.2 PCG Plugin 2023年6月29日14:42

There is a level of sophistication that you still can't hit with PCG for certain types of layout. But I think it would be very interesting if Houdini Engine could actually interface more directly with PCG in some fashion. I'm building tools to do so at work, examples being having a way to directly export points from Houdini to bring into PCG via importing a Data Table. This might be out of the scope of Houdini Engine, more likely a labs export tool, but if it could even sync points at the click of a button between software then it would be almost like sessionsync for PCG layout between the software.

Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes 2023年4月10日12:36

Congrats to everyone! Some incredible artwork got made last month. I stopped creating work after Day 21 because of work getting nuts.

Hey Robert! Just wanted to mention that the Winners Page needs /edit taken off the end and the "How to Claim Prizes" on the actual link goes to the 2022 competition.

Day 21 | Light | Stage | Animation 2023年3月21日23:48

First animation of the month! Was a bit rushed, but wanted to play with an interesting look more than anything. The spotlights make for interesting shadows. Implemented a technique documented by Lee Griggs for Arnold, but adapted for Redshift. More or less just abusing IOR.